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Welcome to Urban Forestry South

Urban Forestry South and its sister center, InterfaceSouth, are the science delivery centers of the Southern Research Station research work unit SRS-4952: Integrating Human and Natural Systems in Urban and Urbanizing Environments.  They are jointly referred to as the Centers for Urban and Interface Forestry.

Urban Forestry South focuses on technology and information that supports urban forest management, tree health, tree biology, and the measurement of ecosystem benefits derived from trees in urban settings.

We address issues important in the South that have national impact. These include: disaster preparedness, response and recovery, urban forest inventory for long-term monitoring of ecosystem services, green infrastructure design and management at the landscape scale, and the role urban trees play within that green infrastructure framework.

Follow us through the urban & interface landscape at Leaves of Change Weekly.


Northern Virginia Urban Forestry & Disaster Planning Feb 21, 2014

The quarterly NOVA urban forestry roundtable heard presentations from Lauren Ohl-Trlica (Arlington County EM), George Roarty (Virginia Department of Emergency Management), and Dudley Hartel (Urban Foretstry South).

The links below are for the Urban Forestry South presentation and handouts:

Role of Professional Arborists in Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

Disaster Resources for Urban Foresters

Urban Tree Risk Resources

Or visit TreesVirginia for all of the presentations.


Nebraska Arborists Prepare for Disaster Jan 27, 2014

At the Great Plains Conference in Lincoln, the Nebraska Arborists Association heard from several speakers on the topics of tree risk.  The links that follow are presentations by Urban Tree DamageForestry South (Dudley Hartel) on the role of professional arborists in disaster preparedness and response:

Planning for Disaster - Arborists Professional Role

Disaster Response – UFST and Municipal Arborists

Handouts included:

Disaster Resources for Urban Foresters

Urban Tree Risk Resources


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Role of Professional Arborists in Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

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