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Community Forest and Open Space Program

Improve Your Community; Apply Today!

Does your community want to have a food forest, community garden, cleaner air & water, outdoor recreational space, forest-based learning programs, timber management business, or a permanently protected natural habitat for wildlife, plants, and all people to enjoy?  This program provides a funding (up to $600,000) for private forest land to be purchased into a community forest. Please look at our Programs Highlights and Helpful Resources listed below to further understand your eligibility and application process.

Program Highlights

  • Purpose – To protect private forest lands that can provide public benefits for the community.
  • Involves the community in establishing and managing the community forest.
  • Community forest provides benefits that are: economic, environmental, educational, and recreational to the community.
  • Max amount to apply for is $600,000 for land acquisition costs.
  • Requires minimum 50% non-federal funding match (look at state or non-profit grant support).
  • Requires public access for forested land to be eligible.
  • Fee-simple land acquisitions allow the eligible entity applying to have full ownership.
  • Eligible Entities for this program include: local governments, Indian tribes and councils, or qualified non-profits with a land conservation purpose.
  • Application must fill all project evaluation criteria listed on Federal Registry Notice by clicking here.


Apply for the Community Forest and Open Space Conservation Program!

Applications Due to your respective State Forester by January 11th, 2021.


Helpful Resources

Find your State Forester by clicking here.

Learn more the application process and background on the Community Forestry Program by clicking here.

To download the Federal Registry Notice click here.

View a current example of an active Community Forest Program by watching this video.


Questions?  Contact Us:

Susan Granbery – Forest Legacy and Community Forest and Open Space Program Leader


Jorge Campana Paez – Program Specialist


Community Forest and Open Space Program
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